Save the green cover and conserve forests. Save hills before they are referred in stories as once upon a time. Conserve energy by turning-off lights when not required. Avoid dumping disposables on railway tracks, open lands, river and sea shores to prevent landfills and to ensure a clean environment. Timely vaccination can protect precious little lives from vaccine-preventable diseases—Save a child, save a life, and save a dream. Refer government and regulatory advisories, directives, or guidelines. Keep first-aid kit at home and workplace for use in emergencies. If possible, try to help the elderly if you find that they are unable to cross the road due to heavy traffic. If possible, offer your seat to the elderly or those in need in buses and metro trains.

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  • Drawing Conclusions

    When something happens in a town/city, the event may make many believe that it’s true for the entire place. Miscreant activities or accidents in any part of a country or world cannot be ignored. Each and every life is precious. However, cities and towns differ in area as well as in population to other areas.…

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  • Word of the Year 2021

    Finally, the word of the year 2021: Oxford: VaxMerriam-Webster: VaccineCollins: NFT (Non-fungible Token) Cambridge: PerseveranceDictionary: Allyship I have two choices for words of the year with equal weightage: 1) Exodus (caused by crisis in Afghanistan and other nations) 2) Vax

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  • As 2021 Draws to a Close

    As 2021 draws to a close, covid is making a re-entry after vaccination success. COP26 saw promises by countries: Inter- and intra-country consultation, cooperation, and implementation are crucial. Olympics and Paralympics were successful despite Covid threat. New coalition government came to power in Germany. Angela Merkel surely has a role to play in world affairs…

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  • World of My Dreams: Poetry and Prose

    Hi, Hello, Namaste, Adaab, Vanakkam, Bonjour, Namaskaram, Chao, Yassas, Nǐ hǎo, Privet, Kon Nichiwa, Nomoskar, Sasriyikal, Dia duit, Xin chào, Annyeonghaseyo, Hallo! Get your free copy of my work on Kindle today. Offer lasts until 11:59 pm PDT (Thursday), 6:59 am GMT (Friday), and 12:29 pm IST (Friday). Hope you enjoy reading this book. Wish…

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  • Giveaway

    Get your copy or read it on Amazon Kindle today: World of My Dreams: Poetry and Prose Sunday Giveaway. Happy reading. Keep smiling. Keep shining.

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  • Extraordinary

    India has lost a gem called ‘Dilip Kumar (Mohammed Yusuf Khan)’ today. An extraordinary actor and a great persona who will continue to inspire many in the years to come. In the final year of MBA, we were supposed to create and act in two plays. In one of the plays, our team created a…

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  • A Global Community of over Seven Billion

    The global human population has crossed the seven billion mark today. Significantly, it took just over two centuries for the global community to grow seven times of its size from around one billion at the beginning of the 19th century to over seven billion in 2011. We may well double ourselves over the next century.…

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  • Shelter for the Needy

    With overcrowding cities and increasing gap between the haves and have-nots, there is an urgent need for creation of shelter for the poor and the needy. People living in ‘informal settlements’ or ‘slums’ are forced to vacate, as and when construction and infrastructure work begins in those areas. This problem will continue until time we…

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  • Ganesh Utsav

    Ganpati Bappa Morya Agle Baras Tu Jaldi Aa. Having seen Ganesh Utsav pandals at every turn of the street in my hometown, it is heartening to see the same fervour down South here in Hyderabad. Tomorrow all roads will lead to @Tank Bund for Ganesh Visarjan. Now we have to wait for the Navratri for…

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  • Missing Crows and a Ray of Hope

    Climate change impacts all living beings. Cutting of trees and development activities have their impact on various beings such as birds and animals. While langurs are occasional visitors, crows have disappeared in many places including in Bhilai. So it was a pleasant surprise to find crows hovering around the nearby zoo that I visited, with…

  • Beyond Division of States

    States in India may have been divided due to linguistics, economic, development, or administrative factors. However, in reality if people visit any place in Madhya Pradesh (MP) from Chhattisgarh or vice versa, they don’t usually say we are going to MP or CG, people simply refer to the name of the city such as Bhopal,…

  • Happy 2024 and Word of the Year 2023

    2024 has arrived. It’s a leap year. Like every year, many from India and across the world garnered accolades in 2023 in various forms of arts and sports. People were recognized for their work in literature, medicine, science, information technology, academics, humanitarian work, and peace as well. However, life is not just about winning prizes…

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