As 2021 draws to a close, covid is making a re-entry after vaccination success. COP26 saw promises by countries: Inter- and intra-country consultation, cooperation, and implementation are crucial. Olympics and Paralympics were successful despite Covid threat.

New coalition government came to power in Germany. Angela Merkel surely has a role to play in world affairs in some form if she desires. More countries join TPNW. Nuclear weapons are not a deterrent when defence expenditures keep rising.

US–Russia: Another round on 30th December and more meetings between officials planned early next year. 👍

Afghan situation requires delicate handling. Hope civil war in Ethiopia comes to an end. Sudan: Coup and Anti-coup protests. Myanmar is an important country in the region and return of democracy is crucial.

China must clear the air to reduce hostilities. South Korea agrees on draft to end Korean war. US is ready to talk with North Korea 👍. Indo–Russian Talks:👍 Indo–Pak: Hope–No hope 74 years after partition. Game changer if goodwill is restored.

While there is some thaw in relations in Middle East, Iran–Israel and Israel–Palestine must talk to end deadlock. Normalcy has not yet returned in Syria and crisis in Yemen continues.

Time for reforms in the United Nations.
While we embrace advancement, sustainability is crucial. Ocean decade provides an opportunity. Continuity in efforts to preserve wildlife and conserve wetlands holds key for ecological balance.

There should not be any space for lynching and honour killings as well as racial discrimination. Insensitive gender-based comments are undesirable. Now is in the time for equal representation of women in state legislatures and parliaments.

As the stage is set for another round of state elections in early 2022, the electorate is wiser and has its own criteria for choosing candidates or parties. I hope there are no different covid rules for voters and those contesting elections.

General Elections are due in the first half of 2022 in Brazil, France, Hungary, Lebanon, Libya, Nepal, Philippines, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia amongst others. All eyes will be on Presidential Elections in France, Philippines, and South Korea.

Movies and popcorns are back in theatres. Music is evergreen and there was no shortage of songs that went viral from ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ to ‘Blinding lights’.

May there be light and hope in the lives of the loved ones of all those who left us during the year due to the pandemic or sacrificed their lives for the nation or in their missions across the world. 🕯️

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