Literary Junction (Continued)

Welcome to the Literary Junction!

Literature is an art. There are various types of literature. My mission is to bring stories in various genres and languages through literary writing and books.

Poetry: In general, poetry can be expressed in various ways and styles such as blank verse, free verse, lyric, ballad, cinquain, haiku, sestina, sonnet, villanelle, epic, elegy, epigram, imagist, limerick, narrative, and ode.

Prose: Prose can take various forms such as fictional, heroic, nonfictional, and prose poetry.

Fiction: In general, fiction can be of various types such as children’s literature, fables, comics, flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas, novels, historical fiction, horror, science fiction, fantasty, mystery and thriller fiction, and realistic fiction.

The aforementioned is indicative and not exhaustive.

Works on historical and science fiction are included in the Literary Junction whereas those on history and science are included in the Humanities and Social Sciences and Sciences respectively in the Nonfiction Junction.

The endeavour is to cover all major language families in due course. It is important to preserve vulnerable as well as endangered languages and explore the possibility of reviving extinct languages. Linguistics and languages is included in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Nonfiction Junction.

Genres will be mentioned on the separate page created for titles. Each title even within the same genre has a different theme. There is a possibility of a common element as a signature style within a genre yet only if it gels with the theme.

This page is a continuation of the Literary Junction.

Language Originals

Baltic-Slavic Languages

Latviešu లాత్వియన్ Latvian

Lietuvių లిథుయేనియన్ Lithuanian

Polski పోలిష్ Polish

Русский Русский язык రష్యన్ Russian Russki yazyk

Українська ఉక్రేనియన్ Ukrainian

Latin Languages

Français ఫ్రెంచ్ French

Español Castellano స్పానిష్ Spanish

Português పోర్చుగీసు Portuguese

Italiano ఇటాలియన్ Italian

Ladin లాడిన్

Sino-Tibetan Languages

In the context of language families, Sino-Tibetan languages are further classified into various groups. More on this classification in the linguistics and languages section.


Kokborok (Tripuri)

བོད་སྐད། టిబెటన్ Tibetan

မြန်မာဘာသာ Burmese

官话 మాండరిన్ Mandarin (Standard Chinese)

Austroasiatic Languages

Tiếng Việt వియత్నమీస్ Vietnamese

ខ្មែរ ఖ్మేర్Khmer

Transeurasian Languages

한국어 కొరియన్ Korean

ᠮᠣᠩᠭ᠋ᠣᠯ ᠬᠡᠯᠡ᠃ Монгол хэл మంగోలియన్ Mongolian

日本語   జపనీస్ Japanese

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