Regional Development Approach for Resolution of Social and Economic Grievances

Lack of balanced regional development is one of the major reasons for inter-state or regional disputes, and demand for creation of new states. The development model could be designed based on the geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic environment of a particular region. For instance, promotion of handicrafts, handlooms and tourism industry may help in the development of areas with considerable tribal population. Eco-friendly power generation projects could help in the development of the hilly region, without causing environmental damage. Innovative schemes such as agri-tourism projects may aid in the development of  major food producing destinations. Many countries across the world such as Italy, Philippines and Australia, among others are promoting agri-tourism. One such scheme is being implemented in the state of Maharashtra in India. However, the success of such scheme depends on proper planning and creation of awareness among farmers and visitors. Delays in the completion of projects is one of the major constraints in the development process and resolution of social and economic grievances. Timely completion of projects is crucial to remove dissatisfaction among people. States may create regional development plans and integrate those plans for economic prosperity of the entire state.


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