Happy 2024 and Word of the Year 2023

2024 has arrived. It’s a leap year.

Like every year, many from India and across the world garnered accolades in 2023 in various forms of arts and sports. People were recognized for their work in literature, medicine, science, information technology, academics, humanitarian work, and peace as well. However, life is not just about winning prizes or awards. It’s about satisfaction that people attain from doing their best in their respective fields, fulfilling their responsibilities, and effort made to learn or enhance their skills as well.

No count of words can take away the suffering of people affected by personal tragedies, accidents, natural disasters, or conflicts in various regions across the world. If we take the nature for granted, nature will take us for granted. Again, some of the recent conflicts were avoidable. Lives are precious. I hope better sense will prevail.

Many helped those affected by earthquakes, floods, and conflicts. Similarly, empathy and compassion were in display when people came forward to save those affected by accidents. Some rescued stray animals as well.

Hence, my choice for the word of the year 2023 is: మానవత్వం (Telugu), ಮಾನವೀಯತೆ (Kannada), மனித நேயம் (Tamil), മനുഷ്യത്വം (Malayalam), মানবতা (Bengali), মানৱতা (Assamese), ମାନବିକତା (Odia), मानवता (Hindi), માનવતા (Gujarati), माणुसकी (Marathi), मनीसपण (Konkani), ਮਨੁੱਖਤਾ (Punjabi), انسانیت (Urdu), بشریت (Persian), මනුෂ්යත්වය (Sinhala), လူသားဆန်မှု (Burmese), มนุษยธรรม (Thai), lòng nhân đạo (Vietnamese), Kemanusiaan (Indonesian), Sangkatauhan (Filipino), 인간애 (Korean), 人道 (Japanese), 人類 (Chinese), ​Ανθρωπότης (Greek), մարդկությունը (Armenian), Insanlıq (Azerbaijani), Insanlık (Turkish), האנושות (Hebrew), الانسانيه (Arabic), Человечность (Russian), людство (Ukrainian), чалавецтва (Belarusian), Mänsklighet (Swedish), Ludzkość (Polish), Menschheit (German), Humanité (French), Umanitatea (Romanian), Umanità (Italian), Humanidad (Spanish), Humanidade (Portuguese), Humanity (English) noun.

Best wishes for 2024.

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