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  • Happy 2024 and Word of the Year 2023

    2024 has arrived. It’s a leap year. Like every year, many from India and across the world garnered accolades in 2023 in various forms of arts and sports. People were recognized for their work in literature, medicine, science, information technology, academics, humanitarian work, and peace as well. However, life is not just about winning prizes […]

  • Drawing Conclusions

    When something happens in a town/city, the event may make many believe that it’s true for the entire place. Miscreant activities or accidents in any part of a country or world cannot be ignored. Each and every life is precious. However, cities and towns differ in area as well as in population to other areas. […]

  • Word of the Year 2021

    Finally, the word of the year 2021: Oxford: VaxMerriam-Webster: VaccineCollins: NFT (Non-fungible Token) Cambridge: PerseveranceDictionary: Allyship I have two choices for words of the year with equal weightage: 1) Exodus (caused by crisis in Afghanistan and other nations) 2) Vax

  • As 2021 Draws to a Close

    As 2021 draws to a close, covid is making a re-entry after vaccination success. COP26 saw promises by countries: Inter- and intra-country consultation, cooperation, and implementation are crucial. Olympics and Paralympics were successful despite Covid threat. New coalition government came to power in Germany. Angela Merkel surely has a role to play in world affairs […]

  • World of My Dreams: Poetry and Prose

    Hi, Hello, Namaste, Adaab, Vanakkam, Bonjour, Namaskaram, Chao, Yassas, Nǐ hǎo, Privet, Kon Nichiwa, Nomoskar, Sasriyikal, Dia duit, Xin chào, Annyeonghaseyo, Hallo! Get your free copy of my work on Kindle today. Offer lasts until 11:59 pm PDT (Thursday), 6:59 am GMT (Friday), and 12:29 pm IST (Friday). Hope you enjoy reading this book. Wish […]

  • Giveaway

    Get your copy or read it on Amazon Kindle today: World of My Dreams: Poetry and Prose Sunday Giveaway. Happy reading. Keep smiling. Keep shining.

  • Extraordinary

    India has lost a gem called ‘Dilip Kumar (Mohammed Yusuf Khan)’ today. An extraordinary actor and a great persona who will continue to inspire many in the years to come. In the final year of MBA, we were supposed to create and act in two plays. In one of the plays, our team created a […]

  • Blue Economy

    The concept of blue economy has gained significance in the recent years. The sustainable development goal (SDG) 14 of the United Nations lays emphasis on sustainable use of ocean, seas and marine resources. Countries in the Indian Ocean region have also recognized the potential and significance of oceans, coastal and marine resources. This resulted in […]

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