First Polio Free Year – Is Any Problem Insurmountable?

India’s first polio free year has proved that determined and sustained efforts can result in amazing results. This should serve as encouragement for other initiatives and campaigns. We are facing severe challenges in the form of climate change, environmental degradation, child labor, malnutrition and numerous other concerns. Many of these issues seem insurmountable, thanks to the slow movement, improper implementation of schemes and disagreements among nations. Creating awareness is one of the ways to tackle these challenges. And, there is a ray of hope. Several international organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are leveraging social media to communicate developments, initiatives, policies and links to reports. Their proactive engagement to disseminate information is highly commendable. There are no easy solutions, we have a tough task ahead. However, sustained efforts may help create awareness among the public, influence government policies and aid in deriving solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges. We can surely ‘Spread the Word’ for a ‘Better World’. Can’t we?

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