Save the green cover and conserve forests. Save hills before they are referred in stories as once upon a time. Conserve energy by turning-off lights when not required. Avoid dumping disposables on railway tracks, open lands, river and sea shores to prevent landfills and to ensure a clean environment. Timely vaccination can protect precious little lives from vaccine-preventable diseases—Save a child, save a life, and save a dream. Refer government and regulatory advisories, directives, or guidelines. Keep first-aid kit at home and workplace for use in emergencies. If possible, try to help the elderly if you find that they are unable to cross the road due to heavy traffic. If possible, offer your seat to the elderly or those in need in buses and metro trains.

Myanmar – Tapping the Hidden Potential

The ongoing political reforms in Myanmar augur well for the region, Asia and world at large. Political stability and economic prosperity is crucial for Myanmar to play its deserving role in the region. Although there are challenges in the way, there are opportunities to leverage rich cultural heritage and nature’s treasures. It’s time to tap the hidden tourism potential of Myanmar, the Golden land, which could not only attract foreign visitors, but also help in the economic development of the local communities. Tourism is now playing a vital role in the development of economies worldwide. Tourism and hospitality sector complement each other and create job opportunities. Myanmar’s tourism destinations include a unique mix of ancient and awe-inspiring temples, mosques, sea-side lakes, colonial architectures, Buddhist shrines, Pagodas, mountain streams, ruined and ancient cities, precious species and mammals. One can have a glimpse of unique rowing styles, artistic lacquerware, amazing sunset, ancient architectural wonders and gain insights on the local culture and lifestyle. The strategic location of Myanmar with India in the north-west, Bangladesh in the west, China in the north and north-east, Laos in the east, Thailand in the south-east, Bay of Bengal in the south-west, and Andaman Sea in the south enhances its tourism potential. The growth of tourism industry in Myanmar would further intensify tourism activity in the region and strengthen the economic fundamentals of south and south-east Asia. As Myanmar opens its door to the world, the country must ensure that its unique tradition and culture is preserved. That would sow the seeds for economic prosperity and set the stage for endearing visits, allowing people to explore the mysteries and have a glimpse of Myanmar’s magnificent heritage for many decades to come.


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