Save the green cover and conserve forests. Save hills before they are referred in stories as once upon a time. Conserve energy by turning-off lights when not required. Avoid dumping disposables on railway tracks, open lands, river and sea shores to prevent landfills and to ensure a clean environment. Timely vaccination can protect precious little lives from vaccine-preventable diseases—Save a child, save a life, and save a dream. Refer government and regulatory advisories, directives, or guidelines. Keep first-aid kit at home and workplace for use in emergencies. If possible, try to help the elderly if you find that they are unable to cross the road due to heavy traffic. If possible, offer your seat to the elderly or those in need in buses and metro trains.

Short Stories

Jamie @ Averly


An unexpected journey to a new city.

When Jamie was 14 years old, he travelled to Averly—the capital city of Justly along with his father Jonny and mother Marie for the treatment of his brother Richie who was suffering from Cureforsure virus.

Jonny took care of Richie at WalkFit Hospital located in the City Centre. As lodging near WalkFit was over the odds, Jamie and Marie stayed at GuestisWelcome Inn six miles away. Richie took around a month to recover from his illness and all along Jamie shuttled between the Inn and hospital.

Howbeit, this experience helped Jamie save, grow, connect, and learn a new dialect.

The Next Adventure

Flash Fiction

A successful anchor-turned author…and his next adventure (a mission).

Bashar, 39, had a great evening with the who’s who of Paju at the launch of his third book, a science fiction (sci-fi). This was his first event in the book city. Bashar is a successful television anchor-turned-author based in the United States of America.

The attendance was excellent, and the publisher expected Bashar’s latest work to be a huge success just like his previous works in other genres. Soon after the launch, he read out a few excerpts from the book and shared insights on his experience of working on a sci-fi title. He enjoyed the limelight, the autograph requests by his fans, and enquiries from the audience on his next adventure.

While Bashar was thrilled with the success of the book launch event, he was overjoyed to meet Ho-Jun, an alumnus of the same university. Ho-Jun is a Korean-American journalist and peace advocate who travelled extensively across the Middle East and contributed to the peace efforts in Syria. Bashar was increasingly sure of his next adventure, a peace conference in Seoul.

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