Save the green cover and conserve forests. Save hills before they are referred in stories as once upon a time. Conserve energy by turning-off lights when not required. Avoid dumping disposables on railway tracks, open lands, river and sea shores to prevent landfills and to ensure a clean environment. Timely vaccination can protect precious little lives from vaccine-preventable diseases—Save a child, save a life, and save a dream. Refer government and regulatory advisories, directives, or guidelines. Keep first-aid kit at home and workplace for use in emergencies. If possible, try to help the elderly if you find that they are unable to cross the road due to heavy traffic. If possible, offer your seat to the elderly or those in need in buses and metro trains.

Literary Junction (Continued)

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Language Originals

Baltic-Slavic Languages

Latin Languages

Sino-Tibetan Languages

In the context of language families, Sino-Tibetan languages are further classified into various groups. More on this classification in the linguistics and languages section.

Austroasiatic Languages

Transeurasian Languages

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