Save the green cover and conserve forests. Save hills before they are referred in stories as once upon a time. Conserve energy by turning-off lights when not required. Avoid dumping disposables on railway tracks, open lands, river and sea shores to prevent landfills and to ensure a clean environment. Timely vaccination can protect precious little lives from vaccine-preventable diseases—Save a child, save a life, and save a dream. Refer government and regulatory advisories, directives, or guidelines. Keep first-aid kit at home and workplace for use in emergencies. If possible, try to help the elderly if you find that they are unable to cross the road due to heavy traffic. If possible, offer your seat to the elderly or those in need in buses and metro trains.


People from all walks of life are an inspiration. Yet this is an era where people are quick to make value judgements or there is a constant comparison. These days people don’t look for one goal. Once a goal is achieved, people plan for a higher set of goals. Once a dream is achieved, people plan for another set of dreams. One must always be conscious that success means different things to different people. People may or may not be in public life yet may be successful in various fields. Everyone has their own life path. However, despite varied challenges, my generation and the younger generation have more opportunities these days to achieve success or make a mark in various fields or in various ways. At the same time, we should not forget the elderly or previous generations who had achieved success in their respective professions or played an important role in a diferent and a more challenging era. My father was one such inspiration who achieved success after all odds after the loss of a parent at an young age. A stickler for rules yet compassionate and caring, he always encouraged his children to find their own path. My sister is a university topper in her stream. He was a caring husband and my mother was a constant support and pillar of strength to him. My mother is a constant source of inspiration and is my telugu teacher (She cleared the entrance examination for Bhasha praveena course in Telugu conducted by Andhra University. Languages: Telugu, Hindi, and English).

Tadimalla Rama Subrahmanyam

S/o Late Smt Ravanamma [(1921–1997) D/o Late Dr Surampudi–Attili (Andhra Pradesh) and Odisha] and Late Shri Tadimalla Venkata Apparao [(BA English), brother of Smt Ravanamma Madalli and Smt Kamakshi Kaligotla] and grandson of Smt Tadimalla Seshamma and Shri Tadimalla Sarraju (1875–1950), Tadimalla, Andhra Pradesh

Birthplace: Tadimalla, Andhra Pradesh

Spouse:  Smt. V Lakshmi (Studied in Akividu and Eluru, participated in sports, and skilled in embroidery as a hobby) D/o Late Smt V. Sita Ravamma [(–2007) Relangi (W.G. District) and Eluru, skilled in playing harmonium and hymns] and Late Shri Velicheti Rama Sheshayya [(1908–1975), BA English, Retired as ZP Superintendent, Eluru] and granddaughter of Late Smt V. B. Ravamma and Late Shri Velichety Subbarayudu (Velicheru/Kalavacherala), Andhra Pradesh


ZP High School, Tadimalla

Badruka College of Commerce and Arts, Hyderabad

Training in Vizag. Continuing education: Jadavpur University, Adult Continuing Education and Extension Centre, Calcutta (now Kolkata) in collaboration with Academic Board, AIMLTA.


1968 to 1976—Goa Government Medical College, Panaji (Eight years). He was offered a lien to rejoin within a specific time.

1976 to 2008—Microbiology Department, JLN Hospital and Research Centre, Bhilai Steel Plant (32 years), Steel Authority of India Limited, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. He received an appreciation letter from Dr D Panigrahi, Senior Bacteriologist at JLNHRC in 1981. He was honoured with the ‘Hospital Day Award’ in 1995 by the Medical Department, Bhilai Steel Plant, Steel Authority of India Limited.

Languages: Telugu, English, Konkani, and Hindi

Other Activities: Proactive participation in official training in various medical institutions across the country. Participated and presented a scientific paper titled ‘Study of Enteric (Typhoid) Fever and its Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern in Bhilai’ at XVI All India Conference and Scientific Seminar held in January 1987 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Member AIMLTA. He was the organizing secretary for AIMLTA Conference held in Bhilai in 1985. He was elected as Joint Secretary from the Medical Department in the Employees Union. He was passionate about his work and was always conscious that he was in the health profession. His wisdom and selfless activities continue to be a blessing and inspiration for us.


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